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The FIFA Foundation has launched the applications for Community Grants Programme to support well-established non-profit organisations that use football to address the most pressing global challenges that affect underprivileged children and young people, contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

To this end, the Foundation provides financial support to cover a wide range of costs, incl. programmatic and institutional costs, as well as costs related to projects, initiatives, events and workshops.

FIFA Foundation Scope of Funding

  • Support of development through football programmes/projects
    • Main focus on children and youth
    • Gender-balance participation among beneficiaries
    • Not within the scope of this grant
  • Support of player development initiatives or any projects linked to professional football
    • Travel of staff or team without a clear link to core project activities
    • Projects without a clear development through a football approach

FIFA Foundation Funding Information

  • max. USD 30,000 a year
  • Support received from the FIFA Foundation shall not represent more than 50% of funding related to the supported programmes.

FIFA Foundation Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for the FIFA Foundation Community Programme organisations must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be a legal and registered entity with non-governmental status in the country where the proposed activities are implemented;
  • Be politically and religiously independent and not-for-profit;
  • Not be discriminatory in any way (social, ethnic, racial, religious, financial, gender-based, based on talent, etc.);
  • Be direct implementers of the proposed activities that use football to address social issues and provide development opportunities for vulnerable people;
  • Be committed to transparent practices (accounting, administration, and governance);
  • Be financially sustainable and have a long-term approach;
  • Be committed to child protection and safeguarding and have a Policy in place;
  • Not affiliated to competitors of FIFA commercial affiliates.

FIFA Foundation General Conditions

  • Organisations which operate in more than one country can submit a maximum of one proposal. Please note that the information for the regional office/set-up (with regard to organisational and financial capacity, M&E processes and impact) will be requested and taken into consideration.
  • The proposal can only cover the implementation of activities in one country.
  • In accordance with the overall strategy of the FIFA Foundation, organisations are asked to align their project proposal with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and clearly outline how their project is contributing to the achievement of one of these goals. This also includes designing the M&E process in a way that clearly measures the project’s contribution to the respective SDG.
  • Proposals including Train-the-Trainer and/or Peer-to-peer elements will only be considered if the beneficiaries are participants of the applying organisation.
  • FIFA Foundation does not support any activities where football skills and/or talent are the deciding factor for participation.
  • The indicated bank account has to be registered to the organization, not an individual person. In addition, the indicated bank has to be located in the country where the organization is registered.
  • Support is subject to compliance of the FIFA Foundation with any possibly existing sanctions, export control policies and similar restrictions.

For more information, visit FIFA Foundation.

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