Benefits of Virtual Dollar Cards in 2023

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As online transactions continue to gain popularity in Africa, there has been a significant increase in the demand for virtual dollar cards. Virtual dollar cards enable users to conduct online transactions in foreign currencies without the need for a physical card. You might be interested to checkout loan apps that works without credit cards.

For instance, in Nigeria, nearly 30% of the population either operates online businesses or subscribes to foreign companies such as Apple, Google, and others. This underscores the high demand for dollars. However, local bank-issued cards have their limitations, as they only allow for transactions in local currencies.

Moreover, due to their security features, local cards cannot be used for payments on foreign websites or applications that charge in dollars. This is where virtual dollar cards come in handy, as they offer a viable solution to this challenge.

If you are new to Virtual Dollar Cards, in this article, we will be discussing what these Virtual Dollar Cards are and their benefits in Africa.

What are virtual dollar cards?

Virtual dollar cards are a type of prepaid card that facilitates online transactions in foreign currencies. Unlike traditional cards, virtual dollar cards do not have a physical form and instead consist of a set of numbers that can be used exclusively for online transactions through websites and apps.

Typically, they are issued by banks and fintech companies. These virtual dollar cards can be funded using local currencies by transferring funds from a local bank account to prepay for the card’s balance.

For example, the recently reintroduced FXKudi virtual dollar card enables users to make payments on over 30,000 merchant websites and apps.

General benefits of virtual dollar cards in Africa

With the rise of internet-savvy individuals in Africa who rely on the web to earn a living, virtual dollar cards have become essential. Tech professionals, who frequently need access to web hosting, domain services, software subscriptions, and other online tools, are among the primary users of these cards.

As a result, virtual dollar cards offer significant benefits to individuals in Africa seeking to conduct online transactions.

1. Convenience

One of the key benefits of virtual dollar cards is their convenience, as they can be funded immediately using local currency. This is particularly advantageous for individuals who require quick and easy access to their funds.

Additionally, virtual dollar cards allow for precise control over spending by enabling users to fund their cards with the exact amount required for each transaction, helping to avoid unexpected debts.

2. Access to global marketplaces

Virtual dollar cards present a significant opportunity for Africans seeking to access global marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. This allows for a greater selection of goods and services that may not be obtainable locally. Additionally, virtual dollar cards provide a secure method of payment by utilizing 3D-secured security protocols.

3. Flexibility

Virtual dollar cards offer an exceptional level of flexibility, as they can be utilized to carry out transactions on a wide variety of platforms, including e-commerce websites, online marketplaces, and digital service providers.

Furthermore, virtual dollar cards are incredibly convenient, as they can be accessed from virtually anywhere. To start using the card, simply download the app onto your phone or log in through the provider’s official website.

4. Secure transactions

Virtual dollar cards are a highly secure payment method, as they do not require the sharing of personal financial information.

Instead, the card numbers are used to complete transactions, minimizing the potential for fraud. Furthermore, virtual dollar cards offer users greater control over their spending by enabling them to block or freeze the card when not in use, preventing unauthorized debits.

5. Cost-effective

A significant advantage of virtual dollar cards is their affordability, as they do not necessitate physical infrastructure or maintenance costs. This makes them an excellent choice for individuals who require foreign currency transactions.

Additionally, virtual dollar cards commonly provide support for multiple currencies, eliminating the need for currency conversion. FXKudi’s virtual dollar card stands out as one of the most cost-effective options, with no monthly or annual maintenance fees, making it an accessible and inclusive payment method for all.

Benefits of virtual dollar cards for B2B buyers

1. Integration with existing software

Utilizing virtual credit cards integrated with accounts payable software tools can yield considerable advantages for businesses. By eliminating the need for manual reconciliation of invoices and payments, these companies can achieve higher ROI on virtual credit card usage.

Our survey revealed that 30% of respondents have accounts payable tools that support virtual card transactions, simplifying the process of increasing the adoption of this payment method.

2. Ease of use and affordability

Virtual credit cards offer numerous advantages over traditional payment methods such as checks. First, they are more convenient and provide ease-of-use benefits compared to physical credit card transactions.

Virtual credit card transactions can be completed instantly with a single click, eliminating the need to send a check in the mail. Additionally, virtual credit cards offer enhanced security features, allowing buyers to cancel them easily in case of any security breaches without having to involve third parties.

Another significant advantage of virtual credit cards is that they are cheaper to use than checks. Virtual credit card issuers typically charge minimal fees for their services, and the creation of the card number itself is often free.

In contrast, issuing a check can cost an average of $4 to $20. Moreover, using virtual credit cards can significantly reduce the need for manual invoice reconciliation, further increasing the efficiency of the accounts payable process.

3. Greater control of spending

By setting such parameters, buyers can prevent unauthorized spending and potential fraud, as virtual dollar cards can only be used within the pre-set guidelines. This helps businesses maintain financial control and limit potential losses.

Additionally, virtual dollar cards can help businesses track their expenses more accurately, as all transactions are recorded digitally and can be easily accessed and analyzed. This benefit was cited by 26% of survey respondents, who found it helpful in managing their finances and budgeting effectively.

Overall, the control and transparency offered by virtual credit cards can provide significant benefits to businesses seeking to manage their finances more efficiently.

4. Increased security

Virtual dollar cards offer enhanced security over physical credit cards, as they can be set up to prevent unauthorized usage, such as by specifying the appropriate dollar amount and blocking certain merchant categories.

Virtual dollar cards are also often only used one time, after which the number is worthless and not appealing to thieves.

Even so, any card number that is compromised can be canceled immediately without going through a third-party issuer. Using virtual dollar cards means merchants need not be responsible for safely storing customers’ banking data. More than a quarter (26%) of survey respondents cited this method’s security as a benefit they appreciate.

Benefits of virtual dollar cards for B2B sellers

1. Minimized fraud risk

Virtual dollar cards often come with advanced security features such as one-time use, a limit on the number of transactions, and restricted merchant types, making them a more secure payment option than traditional credit cards. This reduces the risk of fraudulent transactions and unauthorized purchases, which can be costly for both buyers and suppliers.

With virtual dollar cards, suppliers are less likely to experience chargebacks or disputes, which can result in lost revenue, additional fees, and damage to their reputation. Overall, the enhanced security features of virtual dollar cards offer peace of mind for both buyers and suppliers.

2. Reduced manual workload

Automatic reconciliation of virtual credit card payments with open invoices can help companies streamline their accounting processes, reduce manual workload, and improve efficiency. By automatically matching payments to invoices, businesses can save time and reduce the risk of errors.

This is especially important for companies with a high volume of transactions. The ability to reconcile payments in real-time also provides greater visibility into cash flow, making it easier for businesses to manage their finances.

Overall, automatic reconciliation is a major benefit of accepting virtual credit cards, and it can help companies optimize their payment processes and improve their bottom line.

3. Better customer experiences

It’s important to note that virtual dollar cards are typically used by businesses to pay their suppliers, rather than by consumers to make purchases.

Therefore, the benefits of virtual dollar cards in the B2B space primarily impact supplier relationships and operational efficiencies rather than direct customer experience. However, it’s true that using virtual dollar cards can help businesses streamline their payment processes, which in turn can help them fulfill customer orders more quickly and accurately.

Additionally, the ability to set specific parameters for each transaction can help businesses better meet their suppliers’ needs and preferences, which can lead to better supplier relationships and improve overall customer experiences.

4.  Customer retention, especially large buyers

That’s correct. As more and more businesses begin to adopt virtual dollar cards, companies that do not accept them may lose out on potential business from buyers who prefer to pay with virtual cards.

This can lead to a loss of revenue and may also damage the seller’s reputation in the market. Additionally, as virtual dollar cards become more popular, companies that do not accept them may also find it harder to attract new customers, as buyers may choose to do business with sellers who offer more payment options.


It’s great to see that virtual dollar cards are becoming a popular option for people in Africa who need to transact online in foreign currencies. The convenience, cost-effectiveness, and security benefits of virtual dollar cards make them a valuable tool for individuals and businesses alike. It’s also important to choose a reliable provider to ensure a seamless experience and to protect against potential fraud.

Virtual dollar cards offer a host of benefits to users, including increased security, convenience, cost-effectiveness, greater control over spending, and others mentioned in this article.

These cards are particularly useful for those who need to transact in foreign currencies and want to avoid the hassles and expenses associated with traditional payment methods.

With the rise of digital transactions and the increasing demand for online transactions in Africa, virtual dollar cards are becoming an essential tool for individuals and businesses alike. Overall, virtual dollar cards offer a practical and reliable solution for anyone looking to transact online safely and efficiently.

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